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Love -

You swept me off my feet
And romanced me
With your sweet intoxication

Love -

You showed me what it means
To feel weightless
Timeless, free

Love -

You led me down the tunnel
Seeing only light at the end
Never seeing the darkness surrounding

Love is -

A warming drug, a passionate hug,
A gentle kiss you cannot miss
And a visual impairment

Love is blind -

You never see the darkness surrounding
Until the light at the end of the tunnel
Fades, winks out,
And your eyes adjust

You never knew the monsters in the darkness
Were real,
But a slap to the face
Has a way
Of waking you, fading the light,
And showing you
The harshness of hatred
You once thought love
To be

By Paldera.O-Neel

© 2008 Paldera.O-Neel (All rights reserved)


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