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Thank You, God, For My New Sister!
Today is very special, for happiness I have received, I have a new living sister, something I would have never believed~
I probably will never meet her or talk to her face to face, but, thank God I have a sister somewhere in this human race...
God has always been good to me, and I know this is His gift, He knew I missed my family terribly and He knew I sorely needed this lift,
I am thrilled to the depth of my being and I can't yet believe it is true, but it is simply wonderful the things some kind people do!
She calls me sister, and I call her sister too, and I know there will be a lot of love in everything we do~
I promised God to treat her with kindness always, and love her with all my soul, and she will be my sister until I die of being old...
I will write her a lot of emails to let her know I care, and if she needs consoling, I will want to alway be there,
I know already that she is wonderful and she is thoughtful and so kind, and I hope I am the same to her, close as the tie can bind!
She has already done something for me that no other has ever done, she has written a beautiful poem for me and my heart she has won~
Before this happened I knew she was precious as can be, because she was a friend of a friend who is very close to me,
They knew each other a long, long time and wrote poems together so grand, and won contests and acclaim, the best there is in the land!
And so, my Heavenly Father, once again I come to You, to thank You for all your kindness in all the special things you do~
You have always been good to me and those special things my heart doesn't miss, and if I could do it, I'd send You a special kiss...
I am so grateful in my heart and I know You know it, and my love for You is real, and I know I don't really ever have to tell You for You know exactly how I feel,
And now I want to thank You again, for giving me a sister to love and hold in my heart, and thank you, God, for telling her to, of her family, to give me a part!

By Miskitti

© 2008 Miskitti (All rights reserved)


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