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Melvina(Eboneee) , A Blessing

She came as a blessing to me
When my heart bleeds with sadness
Seeing people hate each other
And forgiveness, a thing in the past

She surprised me more
When she wrote about
Her love and compassion for the environment
And feared that one day
She will be brokenhearted
People will abandon their responsibility
To take care of Mother Earth

Our pens got us united
We've only just begun
To be gentle and compassionate
Touching complacent hearts
Building a world filled with love
With sympathy, not apathy

Continue to be a blessing, Melvina
Until the sun rises in the east
Until the sky kisses the earth
Till our pens will meet
In an extraordinary place
In an extraordinary time
Until it runs out dry
In His time

Note: This is for you, Melvina(Eboneee)..a real friend..

By Dream Girl

© 2008 Dream Girl (All rights reserved)


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