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The wisest man that ever lived had this to say,
''Be careful about other teachings.
People are always writing books.
And too much study will make you very tired.

Now, every thing has been heard.
Here is my final advise:
Honor God and obey His commandments.
This is the most important thing people can do.

[ Ecclesiastes 12:12 - 13 ] King Solomon`s writing

( Thomas Nelson - Bible )

Many in the world today are being decieved.
The salvation of Christ Jesus is not easily received.
Mankind wants to rely on his own learning.
On the true God, he`s not yearning.

True gospel is too simple to be understood.
Why would a Saviour die for one who is no good?
They can`t understand this kind of love.
So they read other books to find God above.

They think web-sites has the answer to who God is.
They put more confidence in a computer
that has only been in exestance a few years.
This computer only puts out information
that has been put into it.

The Bible, God`s word has been in existance
in parts for thousands of years.
It is inspired by the Holy Spirit,
and written by men filled with the Holy Spirit.

It has proven itself through prophsey.
The new testament was written by men
who walked with the Son of God
and men who knew the diciples of Jesus.

You can believe, or think you know the
right way to God;
But I will take God`s Word, the Bible
over man`s knowledge.

[ Anything Goes ]

Hostess: Misunderstood1

By poetalthomas

© 2008 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)


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