Wide Awake
...In the early morn', when the World opens its eyelids wide,
And exposes it's baby blues and,
The sun arising, pauses and lingers,
Just to gaze upon, the majesty,
Of the ripe mountain ranges-
Much like a temple, in the sky-
Its presence, blossoms forth,
Its light shining upon the Good,
Blanketing the evil, of the unripe ruins,
That crumbled,
Before forming...
Looking at this day, with a different slant-
I remember a thousand Springs,
In the years of,
My mistakes...
When the warring,
Was always present-
In a darkened World-
With its eyes wide shut...

Anything Goes Challenge
By Misunderstood1

By Theodora Onken

© 2008 Theodora Onken (All rights reserved)


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