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There is a little part of me
That's hidden in my soul, can't see
Her name is little 'broken wing'
Sometimes a mournful song she sings to me

God put her there for safety's sake
So no more wings would snap nor break
'N through the years I've nurtured her
She's had so much to just endure to me

Tis said to get to know yourself
Don't leave little parts upon some shelf
'N it is not on a shelf she lives
But in my soul ~ 'n yes, she gives to me

So long ago when the wounded bird
Was close to death...without a word
God chose to pick her up I think
'N blend her in within my ink to me

She's always there..though you can't see
Such a big part...for once was me
Now she sings within the night
No more scared to see the light to me

'N days when she's remembering
God touches little broken wings
Reminding her she is pure gold
'N has a home within my soul to me

You meet her every now 'n then
She has no beginning nor an end
Her little wings repaired for flight
When angels come perhaps in night to me

'N soar she will little broken wing
Who only joy and hope did bring
Yet life so tragic hurt her so
She thought she had no place to go to me

There is a little part of me
That's hidden in my soul, can't see
Her name is little 'broken wing'
Always the part of soul that sings

God to me

@May 2007
God's Little Whispers
Little Broken Wing

Midi: Run To Me
Artist Group: Bee Gees

Psalm 147:3
'He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.'

Written for Tiny Teddy's 'Anything Goes' ~ a favorite of mine for some reason.
Smiles. Only changed the title


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© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)

By Mary Anne

© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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