When I Open My Eyes
I've gone all these year's watching you not always near but now that we are very much together I find out things that make me feel delirious not being able to understand why you chose to live Your life this way.

when I open my eyes as your daughter and I think of all the things you've lived I feel anguish I wish I would have been older to help you out and look together for ponder.

When I open my eyes as a woman is when I truly cannot understand how come you didn't Love yourself enough to make a good decision and realize that you were not in a good position that the only thing that truly made since was to walk away because you had us to hold on to every step of the way.

Now here I am finally opening my eyes as a mom feeling guilty for all the other feelings I've had because I realize I might be in the position you are one day I'm sure than like you I will not know what to say.

I apologize to you and God I know I have no right to say or think the way I have but I only do so because I love you mom and I hope someday I open my eyes as the friend you always needed and listen to all your memories no matter how painful they may be so finally you feel free.

By Rosa Lopez

© 2008 Rosa Lopez (All rights reserved)


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