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Yesterday's Picnic

I’m putting on my lackadaisical smile
For our summers last hurrah
And I'm dreaming of
Savoring a Labor Day’s picnic…
A family picnic, in the park

And I’m drinking in the sun,
And I’m watching all the fun
And I'm thinking of all the joys we had
But there’s a hole in my blanket,
Dear dad,
And I’m sure wishing, it was still filled with you

Oh, I remember it, daddy,
I remember it all
The chili beans in your old dutch oven
Warming on the barbeque pit
And your fried potato’s cooking
In a big cast iron skillet
And then, there was you,
Standing so tall

I remember, there was our big 'SISTER SUE'
And then there was me
And two darling little boys, too
And our beloved mama,
Standing by your side
But most of all I remember
How you couldn’t hide your pride

But then…
I remember your look of dismay
When my teenaged angst kicked in
And how I told you,
That I didn’t want to play.
And I just wanted to be left alone,
And what were memories, anyways?
So where once, there had been six
There were only five
In the park that day,

And I didn’t realize
What a hole in our family
That I had made that day
That is,
Until I was sitting here, today,
With my entire family gathered
Around to play,
But seeing this hole in my blanket
Where there used to be you,
And I’m missing you,
And wishing you were still here with me

Because, dad,



Written and composed for froggie's
Catch The Soaring Star phrase
'Picnic In The Park'

Editorial note...
The three phrases in quotation marks
are three of my fathers many sayings.

By Morning Song

© 2009 Morning Song (All rights reserved)


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