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Wild horses, wild horses, galloping free,
through the heath on the sand hills below,
up through the gullies and on to the beach,
in the sea wind their wild matted manes flow.

Whinnying, snorting then scenting dawn air,
majestically racing, prancing with pride.
Mare with their young falter, peer nervously,
away then away, once again on the ride.

At the edge of the beach, just out of reach,
of breakers and waves that bellow and roar,
stallion wide eyed, with unspoken command.
snorting and dancing, his presence the lore.

Head into the water, gracious sleek beasts,
rolling and cleansing the dust of the track.
snort of alarm, once again they are off,
fleet, wary of danger, never look back.

Over the sand hills, into the dense scrub,
avoiding potholes and stumps in their stride.
Perilous climb to the top of the dunes,
Galloping, galloping, gallop with pride.

Down to the valley, the clearing below,
Sweet meadow grasses entice them to halt.
Lathered and weary, they pause now to eat,
Beauty and grace, noble beast without fault

Reposted, reworked, 24th September 2005

By Munyinga

© 2008 Munyinga (All rights reserved)


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