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Dancing Feet
My Grandaughter loves to dance.
If you could only see
her move

She glides through my
living room.
with so much grace
and always with taste

Dressed in her very best
attire,I could never detest.

That little gal makes her
grammy so proud,
as she kicks up her heels
stepping softly as if
on a cloud...

I watch and smile and
think of what a joy she
is to me,and wonder
how long before she
grows up,
and just memories
this will be to me.

But so precious are the memories
of her dancing....

I'll keep these moments in
my heart
of my grandaughter
talented and smart.

Written by Janet Ford
for my grandaugher...

The Entertainer - Scott Joplin & George Gershwin

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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