Get Rid Of The Advertisements

try to be friends? or permenant enemies?
How old are you?
How old am I?
Don't you think we should mend this before we die?
It's so sad to think
that you've never met me, nor I you
and we have this something boiling almost like stew
I've let the past fly away with the wind
so do you think we should try again?
Not that we ever have tried to be anything more
than a couple of grumps, almost throwing tantrums on the floor
I'm a Grandmother proud as I can be
and I have daughters very beautiful, count them there's 3
I think we owe it to God or someone
to prove that the crap is gone
let's have a coffee and an adult conversation
instead of this childish crap
I promise to be adult, and if I'm not
then send me home for a nap.
So if you're up for this then give me an email
but if your not then let your arms continue to wail

By lefty

© 2008 lefty (All rights reserved)


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