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take this blade from my dirt lined palm
throw it away, let it cause you no harm
don't listen to these lines anymore
don't be consumed by the temptation to read
just wait, wait for the beauty to sink in to the beast
wait for me in the grey havens
don't linger in places where your face be hidden
because your face is more beautiful than the rose
lay silent on the sand that consumes your suffering
let it take its natural course, let it drain your soul

don't wonder away like i was never heard
the seeds of time have been planted
and we are the crops that must be sown
and let it be me to be first to the slaughter
let me sacrifice myself over any other
fight for all the right reasons
just don't let them fight back
i will someday be in my elven hills
and someday i will not remember the goddess
nor will I the beauty of the sun or stars
I will never hear a voice that brings silence
or embrace a body that brings peace
but I will remember the way you brought peace to me
and I will remember the silence that echoed through a thousand galaxies
finally, I will remember

By eagle000100

© 2008 eagle000100 (All rights reserved)


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