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OKay Who Ratted Us Out?

its been awhile since we've played cards
now we're gathered in a tent in my back yard
sissy myrna got here first
popped a coke to quench her thirst
sista boops was next to show
wearing her money belt wouldn't ya know
aliceann was wearing a poker face
saying ladies i'll break'll be a disgrace
sista tom, the oddest of the crew
saying don't hate me ladies cause i'm different then you
the last to arrive was angel flore
huffin and a puffin and knocking on the door
her arms were filled with tom jones cds
saying i cant play poker but tom will keep me company
we drew straws to deal AA won the chore
saying good luck ladies you'll be broke by 4:00
all of a sudden we heard such a commotion
there stood a cop grooving to a loco motion
he took off his shirt and grinned as he danced
undid his belt and continued to prance
soon there was shouting,more knocks on the door
us ladies thinking more dances in store
but this time it was the real men in blue
who carted us off to jail boo hoo hoo hoo
it seems we were gambling with out a gamming permit
we had a male stripper who was caught doing it
30 days the judge was heard to say
a hundred dollar fine each of you must pay
as for you missy....listening to TJ
your cd was a boot leg.....jailer take her away
Thus ended our poker night
the evening turned into a terrible fright
we paid our dues and did our time
so it's time to end this little nursery rhyme

By maryfrances

© 2008 maryfrances (All rights reserved)


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