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The Wonders of Literature
As a child I dreamed
of visiting far away lands
going on an adventure

Our family not having much money
my Father soon showed me
how he took his adventures

Giving me a book to cherish
informing literature was the answer
with a smile he said 'Tell me of your journey'

I soon learned
there was nothing
more magnificent than the written word

Taking a journey with Mark Twain
down the wondrous Mississippi
on a raft with Tom Sawyer

Flying to Never-land
with ever young
adventurous Peter Pan

Discovering the hidden
secrets within the walls
of a beautiful Secret Garden

Solving the never ending
mysteries of many places
visited by Nancy Drew

Traveling to China
along the Great Wall
through eyes of a journalist

Yes I have traveled
become a part of a fun adventure
through the pages of great literature

By Viking Butterfly

© 2008 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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