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Way back when television was great
Once a week I'd catch Unsolved Mysteries at eight
Each thrilling episode put goosebumps on my skin
I loved a good scare and couldn't wait for the show to begin

The late Robert Stack hosted the show
He drew the audience in with a hypnotic stare and serious tone
Even the introductory music was eerie
You were in for a treat shocking and scary

The stories were all true and came under a category such as
Unexplained, Lost Loves, Wanted Criminal, UFO sightings
and other incredible tales that defy explanation
Actors dramatized each case in the hopes that viewers
may possibly have new information

So many of them stand out in my mind
There was a woman whose husband had just passed on
and all around her strange things kept happening
It was as if he was trying to tell her something
The candle mysteriously went out
She picked up a newspaper and the headlines
in large letters seemed to shout
Then she knew what the warning was all about

After watching I often slept with the light on
But by morning my fears would be gone
Still I loved the show and now I can watch it again
either on TV or on DVD

Written for Starstruck13 TV Series Challenge

By elizabeth

© 2008 elizabeth (All rights reserved)


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