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Should one wonder in the autumn of their life
What they have truly left behind
Many sun's have risen in their lives
Sunsets remembered only over time

Would it be one's smile perhaps
Or their own humanity to man
What do you chose to leave
Upon the changing tides and sand

Some climb mountains saying 'look at me'
Others travel where others would dare to go
There are those whose life is spent at home
Somehow, quite content, that being so

Would you prefer you had performed
Been on a stage with many gasping at your art
Or truly been the one who's staged
A life well-lived upon a true loves tender heart

Have you known people of great esteem
Or have you been a person in the crowd
Making friends along the way - you hope will stay
Remembering to be a friend and being proud

Will your children be the links you leave
What parts of you will live on in them
Or does God send us for a time
Then sometime send us back once again

Who is to know what's truly so
Only we believe what our soul confides
And life is worth the living
When done with no needs for disguise

I want to leave my love for life behind
My Lord, my family being left to know
That I left words for time to read
And I shall see them once again - tis so

What we do while we are here
Is not all remembered - this is true
I hope that at the end I can say, Lord
I did my best and what I did, I did for You

For it is not only words we leave behind
For what are words but pieces of our minds
We try to leave the strength of character
Hoping mankind will remember us for being here

Penned by Mary Anne ^j^
God's Little Whispers
September 2008

Written for the Simplicity Challenge
Moderator: Kajuncutie
Theme: What We Leave Behind
By Mary Anne
Rewrite: Added paragraph @September 2008

© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)

By Mary Anne

© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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