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A Light-Bulb Moment.
Another light bulb moment, the realisation of all that you are to me hits with such ferocity, I’m breathless.

Like the explosions abound on Guy Falk’s Night, each causing the raised heartbeat and butterflies of anticipation for the next round.

I could easily fall at your feet at only the sound of your voice, such is the effect of your dulcet tones.

Fears of the inevitable horror of losing this once-in-a-life-time love bring waves of trepidation, the nightmare terrors a reality.

Though a quiet acceptance of the cruelty of fate falls upon me, wonders and wishes are made, each in equal measure.

Yet the surprise is, rather than freeze at the prospect, my heart melts at the profound loving already experienced between this curious union.

Your love matched by mine, each its life-time twin, irrespective as to what the future holds.

And should I ever fail to properly express these tremendous feelings you arouse, simply look into my eyes and you along with the world, will know.

By sugarlips

© 2008 sugarlips (All rights reserved)


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