Standing in the light of my autumn
Before the shade of winter,
I come to see that I am a changeling.
Not of choice but circumstance
Have my seasons, once thought constant,
Drifted onto uncharted pathways.
Spring and summer are but memories
Flowing upon the river of my existence,
The current of life.

Oh, that I could have seen the bend ahead,
The altered course that changed me,
My life and seasons...
But this is not destiny's way.
I could not deny fate its right,
Nor time, its flight.
And as the leaves of autumn fall,
Scattered, crumpled
Relics of other seasons,
I look to the coming winter
With understanding of its inevitability
And acceptance of its truth.

I am a changeling
In the light of autumn,
Perched upon a bridge across time.
The river of life flows beneath me
And I ride its current,
Uncertain but not afraid,
For I am content.

I must be.

© mdbadgerow 2007

By Myrna D.

© 2018 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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