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Do you really dream at night
And do you remember them
I know I do dream but
With the morning - most are dim

Sometimes I wake up and
I try to go back to sleep
For I left my dream unfinished
A dream I could not keep

I wish I could slip inside
And be in one technicolor dream
Just to see what beauty lies
Within the mind asleep serene

I do not know if it is color I see
For dreams for me come and go
I do not build my life around
What probably will never be so

Maybe there is a way to master dreams
That you remember them in the morrow
But are they something one wants to know
For, indeed, they could be full of sorrow

I know that I have woken up crying
Like something was terribly sad
And those are dreams I surely would
Not want to take into the day ahead

So perhaps to dream what we would wish
Then I would wish I could slip inside
And be in one technicolor dream
Not let it be lost each changing tide

And so to dream .....

penned by Mary Anne
God's Little Whispers
September 2008

Written for Melissa's (My Little Sonshine Girl)
Challenge Theme: Technicolor Dreams
'Wish I could slip inside and be in one
technicolor dream'
free verse

Midi: The Power of the Dream
Artist: Celine Dion

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By Mary Anne

© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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