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My Most Difficult Job
First define job this with a reply,
the one your scheduled with a
pay check that pays.
Then there are small jobs that
we do all the house work and
cleaning it's always due.
The most important one we must
speculate, being a parent is the
hardest job without breaks.
It's a job that never ever ends,
it consisted from morning till night.
Loving them is easy it should be
if you care but the points of
challenge well I'm pulling out my
All the decisions we parents must
make, it's not easy but we hope
that there right.
My most important job is being
a mom and sometimes their are
moms having to be dads.
So, it's challenging for sure and
they don't come with instructions,
or a manual this great book.
Children can be our greatest teacher
because they are a lot of work.
Being a parent is rewarding expecially
when there brought up right.
I don't know just how it will be but
I hope that they have learn something
good from me.

'My most difficult job'
host:Marvin Goldfarb

By honesty811

© 2008 honesty811 (All rights reserved)


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