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I thought I heard you whisper that your love was real
I thought I heard you tell me exactly how you feel
But in the morning's sunrise, I was still alone
I looked around and I was sure - no on in my home

How could you break this heart of mine
I thought our hearts were intertwined
That all I gave - you gave the same
That wasn't so - who was to blame

I think of you each morning when I see the sun
I think of you each evening when the day is done
All the in-between times are spent loving you
I can't help it that's just what I do

It seems you didn't love me, I guess that you lied
You got just what you wanted and then you left to hide
What of me - left all alone - and not a single reason why
You knew I vowed to love you until the day I died

Who's going to mend my broken heart, is there a place to go
I never thought I'd be asking that, but I'm hurting you must know
You played me like a violin that had not been played in years
Missing strings and everything - why did you do this dear

I'm alone now and I'm lonely, scared to go outside
You took all the love I had and scattered all my pride
I know you've found another, somebody told me so
Says your out running all the bars, what am I to know

I swear today I'm going to fix this broken heart you'll see
The winner of the sad affair is going to be me
I'll find someone who loves me, really loves me like a man
You don't think I'd do that, or that I even can

One day you'll see me walking by, his arm holding on to me
You'll turn around and look again - not believing what you see
Perhaps you'll feel a little twinge, but baby I don't care
Men like you are a dime a dozen - find them anywhere

This man loves me just for who I am
So tender, loving and understands
So long, old friend, I did mend my broken heart
Wasn't hard at all to do....I just made another start.

Penned by Mary Anne
God's Little Whispers
October 2008

Written for: Challenge - Broken Love
Hosted by Floreann
'mend my broken heart'

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By Mary Anne

© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Broken Love - Mend My Broken Heart (challenge has been closed)

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