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My Thorny Rose
Remembering dreams
thinking they could never come true
but baby they have because of you
praying and praying
weeping and weeping
for the perfect one
and here you showed
you were there all along
those sharp eyes of yours
i like to call them your dragon eyes
cause me to smile and sweat
its like the most beautiful sapphires ever
worth more then any amount of money can buy
the scent of your perfume brings tears to my eyes
not a bad smell but a pure
you tell me you don't deserve me
and that I'm a gift from God
but baby i feel the same way
ten times that
your everything i wanted
you cause me to wake with energy
and to hear your voice say i love u
and i miss you
does wonders to me
for years i searched through the forbidden garden
trying to find the rose for me
and there you were
perfectly clothed in white
you were a little thorny at first
but you smoothed out as i carried you
your the thorny rose that never hurt me

By blue ocean

© 2008 blue ocean (All rights reserved)


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