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Love in Time
It's simply amazing
How time passes by;
A flutter of the wing
Upon the hummingbird
Of our lives...

Each beat of the heart
Splashes in the sea
Of the sweetest love
That envelopes me.

Each moment in time
That fades away,
Is touched by thoughts
That never stray.

Every morning
Rises fresh and new-
To begin a day
I have devoted to you.

If by chance,
At least in part-
You could only see
What's in my heart...

The passion of roses
Concrete in the ground-
Which caress the breezes
Since you were found.

Each changing tide
Will come and go,
With the most amazing
Woman I will ever know.

And as the day
Melts into night,
The prose in my soul
Will begin to write.

For the only reason
That I am here
Is to hold the angel
Whom I love so dear.

By Mike Breneman

© 2008 Mike Breneman (All rights reserved)


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