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Don’t Worry, We’ll Write
Go ahead and take that walk on the wild side,
you’ve been itching to do it for years.
Keep your wits about you and eyes open wide
and stay ready to quickly shift gears.

The comforts of home don’t fit in your pack,
the term “roughing it” will soon come to fore.
You may get nostalgic as you’re looking back
but keep in mind the adventure in store.

You won’t be the first to strike out on your own,
the path is littered with those out in front.
Just follow the guidance of your wanderlust bone,
embrace new situations, enjoy the hunt.

Just ‘cause you’ve struck out to make your own way
doesn’t mean you can’t look back now and then.
Drop us a post card that lets us know you’re okay,
fill us in on what you’ve found round that bend.

We’ve sought our fortune and are settled down tight
but we understand what drives you on, seriously.
So keep a diary of each new town and new sight
that will allow us travel with you…vicariously.

When you’ve filled your kit bag with new dreams
and the warmth of the home fire’s in your heart.
We’ll make sure triumphal homecoming seems
nearly as exciting as your adventure’s start.

Submitted for the FOS Triumphal Homecoming challenge

My form is rhyming free verse

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2008 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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