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Through the Ages

I travelled through the ages to find you
I travelled through the ages to find my heart
I travelled through the ages
On the wings of love

I flew to the distant and icy world of Zaranha
Where the lands blind with their white stare
And the bitter air stings the very soul
Where my feet grew cold and numb
And my eyes and hair quietly froze

All the inhabitants said you were gone
And then I was left all alone
My image of you grew hard like ice
And fell and shattered into empty space
My memory of you faded
But my spirit told me to move on

I then flew to the fiery world of Blatoona
And searched for you in the mountains and caves
The hellish rivers burnt my skin and belief
And dissolved my memory of your face and lips

All the signs showed me that you had left
And I fell on my knees in despair and grief
But deep inside me I sensed you somewhere
And my spirit told me to never leave you

I then flew back to the warm blue Earth
And in a deep forest I looked for you
I searched for you in the sweet lush and green
Searching for you, searching for my heart

On a rock I then sat to rest my bones
For my heart had grown weary in time
My search for you had worn me thin
So I closed my eyes for some relief

When I opened my eyes I looked up
And I found you high above me
You were dancing with the trees
And singing in beautiful rainbow.

Starlight1's Challenge
Your Pick
Chosen phrase: On the wings of love

By dissolvedlines

© 2008 dissolvedlines (All rights reserved)


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