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I look forward to our triumphal Homecoming.
It will be our pomp with consort.
Jesus has had His day of coronation.
There will be a day of Revelation!
When Jesus comes back with all His pomp,
His Glory will destroy all sin and He will dump.

For a thousand years, Satan will be bound.
No more curse will be on the ground.
Jesus will reign in every nation`s court.
He will crown His people to be His consort.

Yes, we will reign with Him on that day!
For a thousand years, everything will be okay.
We will have our day of rest.
For a thousand years, we will have earth`s best.

Afterwards, Satan will be loosed
to deceive once more.
God Himself will end this final war!
Satan will be cast into the lake of fire;
And all who follow him in his mire.
I`m looking forward to this day of pomp
When God destroys Satan and all his rump!

A supper is prepared for Jesus and His Bride.
For all eternity, we will be at His side!


[ FOS - Triumphal Homecoming ]
Hostess: cherrykc - Cherry

Form: Rhyming Free Verse

By poetalthomas

© 2008 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)


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