Our Dance
I watched out my window
As the rain came pouring down
My thoughts recently seeming so low
Rushing through my mind like wind blown

The child approached me with a smile
Nana you look so unhappy today,
Will you play with me awhile?
What was I to say?

Can we sing a song?
Will you dance with me?
I have an idea and it has been so long
Will you show me how it used to be?

He quietly opened the door
With a wonderous grin he invited me
The fresh smell of the rain apour
The joy in eyes for all to see

No time for jackets he anounced
The time is now we must take this chance
He took my hand and away we bounced
Each step of joy and youth inhaled at glance

My smile returned and he laughed with glee
The rain poured and we did not care
For dancing in the rain it was just me and he
Washing away my worry as this dance we did share

Feeling his joy and embracing his youth
My heart feeling light as a feather
The best dance of my life is surely the truth
For it brought sunshine and lovely weather

By Viking Butterfly

© 2008 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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