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Sleep Well, My Love

I pledged my love forever
when we took the Sacred oath
seems like only yesterday
though 50 years ago

Together we were happy
laughed throughout the day
friends and lovers always
in each and every way

Disease is now your keeper
feeds upon your mind
stamping out all memory
of another place and time

With hand held tight, I whisper
'you are my only love '
your eyes distant, vacant, empty
with feelings out of touch

You have no recollection
a stranger now it seems
memory has diminished
sadly, gone to sleep

I know your mind is stolen
yet...Pray you might recall
have one more special moment
'fore the last bell tolls

Thoughts leapfrog into 'morrows
as torment has its way
each shallow breath
just lingers
in shades of chalky gray

Pictures line the mantle
our treasured yesteryears
promises of forever
blinded now with tears

My love has turned the page
of memory
to see your smile, that look
us dancing 'neath moons twilight
reflections in the brook

If given one more hour
to make just one more wish
we'd out live every fairytale
with forever after kiss

You slipped away last evening
peaceful and at rest
with roses, favorite journal
of love poems held at breast

Words I once had scribbled
so many years ago
still bound with lace 'n ribbons
heartsongs trimmed in gold


Best Love Poem Challenge
'My Love Has Turned The Page'

By Rose Marie Streeter

© 2008 Rose Marie Streeter (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Best Love Poem - My love has turned the page (challenge has been closed)

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