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He asked why...
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Why is the grass green
Why is the sky so blue
Why is it when you think of me
I in return think of you

Why is the ocean deep
Why are the rivers wide
Why is it when we truly feel
It's something we try to so hard to hide

Why are mountains so high
Why are the valleys low
Why is it when we do finally feel
We fight so hard not to let it show

Why do we try to run
Why is it we're so scared
Aren't these feelings that we feel
better when they're shared

Why is it my heart answers his
When it comes around to call
What is it within the me
that he likes or ever saw

He asked me why I love him
I wish I had the right answer to give
All I know is I think of him
within each new day I live

Why is it I feel this way
I'm so confused inside
Why do these feelings come creeping out
The more I try to hide

Why is it I feel him
Yet have never felt him at all
Why is it we take the chance
and let our hearts take that fall

Why is it he just can't accept
What will be will just be
Why is it when I tell him I love him
He can't find it in his heart to believe me

©Rita aka Pebbles139


© 2008 PEBBLES139 (All rights reserved)


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