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Random October Musing
Have you ever held a knife my friend
Up to your neck to see if you still bleed
The rush of your sore heart my friend
As you decide whether or not you should proceed.

Your reflection just stares on
Past the desperate gleam that marks your tortured face
And as you set the knife back down
A bigger knife will take its place.

As you sit alone in this dark hole you’ve made
You see nothing, feel nothing but the fact that you can’t feel
And beg the numbness leave
Or else you’ll have to cut to prove its real

Calm your mind
For nothing you can do
Can change the way that the future is setting itself to play
It’s not your fault that friendship fails to see another day
And that the silence never goes away

In the passion that I held for that which is beautiful
I lost myself for a moment
But once again I am found
And alas, I leave behind the past to step forward with my knife.

By CrimsonSkies

© 2008 CrimsonSkies (All rights reserved)


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