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Just Outside the Realm (A Sonnet)
Hello young lovers, wherever you are...a great old song to be sure. I am submitting this piece for no challenge, nay I am submitting it for me with the hopes that somebody else will fear not the sonnet and read this piece for the enjoyment that it is.

Just Outside the Realm (A Sonnet)

The gate keeper of the realm of love
holds close the key I’m so enamored of.
He safeguards this power over and above
mere mortals such as my wretched self.

Must my hope for love be kept on the shelf?
I’m not convinced he’s an evil sentry,
yet he’s acutely selective about entry.
Not just any applicant may share the wealth.

He’s not a deity to which I should pray,
my worthiness is what he’s watching for.
This, my heart, has space purely designated
for a genuine love to move in and stay.

Patience and true belief shall gain that key,
once anointed I’ll share passion endlessly.

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2008 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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