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Our love's foundation
In the book of we, love is described as
The deepest emotion between woman and man
No one love is like another
We put what we have together
And make the best love that we can
We've built a foundation thru the years
We laugh, we dream, we shed many tears
But we to it all together as one, hand in hand
I pray that my love has
Turned the page in your life
When I chose you as my husband
And you took me as your wife
Blessed be this love as our reward
Built on faith and hope
For uniting in devotion and strength
As solid and strong as a two corded rope
Together, there's nothing we can't get thru
Because your love has turned
the page in my life, too

By EmpressPoetess

© 2008 EmpressPoetess (All rights reserved)


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