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My Starlite Family/Friends Album.

Pages I slowly turn
Like a candle slowly burns

Pages of a album of my starlite friends/family
Pages of the ones that are very special to me
When I get lonely I take out my album book
And at all the beautiful pictures I look
My starlite family I have adopted and they adopted me
I have two mothers at the starlite cafe
Barb-Mom and Mum from way down under nice in everyway

Each one is very special to me
Aunts I have three

Many children I have adopted here are a few
If your picture couldn't be here in my heart I still see you

Grand daughters at starlite
Makes each day so bright

Sisters I have so many the pages fill up fast as on each page
Some are young some are older in age

Two brothers I now have at starlite
They are great and make each page so bright

Pages I slowly turn
Like a candle slowly burns

Friends in my family album to
As in my heart is a special place for each one of you

Pages I slowly turn
Like a candle slowly burns

Pictures are a treasure
Beyond any measure
Pictures I keep in this book and some in my heart
With friendship that I'll never part
And on the last page is just little me so don't look
Don't scream just hurry close my album book.

By just_little_me

© 2018 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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