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Just when all is lost in time
I found thy heart embraces mine
No one more surprised than we
Cannot guess what God does see

He does wonders all the time
Why not take and make you mine
Lost within a world so long
Nothing left - not e'en a song

When one has had love in life
Losing it is so much strife
Makes the soul just want to die
Go on living in God's sky

Why look forward to tomorrow
When today is full of sorrow
Suddenly God says 'no more'
This is what your longing for

Then He sends you right to me
I wasn't looking, nor did see
It took time for us to know
What God had known long ago

Smile my love for time stands still
We must listen for His loving will
Only He knows what is right or wrong
Listen closely for love's song

I thought last night I heard a tune
Listened closely - looked at moon
Felt the love and somehow knew
That my heart embraces you

Only time will tell my love
Just what God is thinking of
He takes care of His children we know
Cannot stand that they suffer so

Sometimes He does things that we
Do not know and cannot see
So, my love, we rest now in His hands
Knowing only He knows and understands

penned by Mary Anne
God's Little Whispers
@October 2008


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By Mary Anne

© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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