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Life can sometimes bring surprises
That come and leave you wondering
Out of the blue - there it is
Just like unto a pure breath of spring

You've been busy passing days
Seems one by one they slowly go
One is so much like the rest
Who would ever guess .... or know

One day, I mean one ordinary day
I was here again just all alone
Had been feeling bad for weeks
Twas then I heard my telephone

Out of the blue - I could not believe
Who happened to be on the other end ..
I caught my breath as I said 'hello'
For it was you, my dearest friend

I had not heard your voice
Nor had your face I seen
But there you were in person
Calling to see how I'd been

Imagine that, I told my heart
And startled somewhat how it beat
Felt like heart was running
All up and down my street...

You talked so gentle and so kind
So thoughtful I was impressed
A man on Starlite that I so admired
Oh my, this had to be the very best

I don't recall just how long we talked
Or how much we've talked since then
But this much I can share with you
We're no longer just 'best friends'

We think the Lord was planning this
For many years for love to bloom
For I was alone and very lonely
And He was 'giving up' too soon

He'd lost his wife a few years ago
He'd loved her for forever
He always will - she was his queen
He will not forget her...ever

My life had been one of abuse
No love, no joy, I'd lost this 'me'
We think that up in Heaven
There was someone pulling too you see

She never wanted him to have to be alone
Too soon she'd had to leave him
We think she had been looking round
With the help of God in Heaven

They had this plan and my, oh my
What a plan it has been
Out of the blue and into our lives
A new 'life' we have seen

We make new plans just everyday
For we live very far apart
But that will never stop us
For we are bound by hearts

The first he said he 'loved' me
Just took my breath away
Now we say it all the time
And I still feel that way

He plays me music on the phone
One night he put me right to sleep
The night before He did the same
And we weren't counting sheep

What can I say about our love
One we can't believe has begun
Afterall, we weren't looking now
For we had both turned seventy-one

I see a smile..Yes, I do
And isn't it just great that we
Have found this love, approved by God
No longer to be alone and free

I cannot wait to take his name
Our families are happy too
So, my dear, never say never
Look what happened to us -
....out of the blue ....

penned by Mary Anne
God's Little Whispers
October 2008

Written for my precious Sonshine Girl
Bonnie's Challenge - Follow The Dream
Theme: Out of the Blue JFTLOI

Dedicated to my one and only ~ John ~ Ompapa
With all my love to you ~ Mary Anne


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By Mary Anne

© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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