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Memories of times so long ago
I dreamt I was just a boy that I know
That boy grew up to be man that I see
The boy to man became all I could be

The boy wanted to be loved, nothing more
He hungered for affection, and yearned to be
Respected by his peers, friends and family
He gave his heart to all, but why, what for

When asked to help those in need, he gladly gave
He felt like running away, his sanity he must save
He went to war a boy and came back an old man
Leaving his soul, his innocence in a foreign land

He came back a different man, and they wondered why
The boy now a man, just sat quietly in a corner, alone
His manner of speech and heart had a different tone
He just sat in a corner all alone, did nothing but cry

They asked, Boy, why do you behave this way?
We taught you to be God fearing, do not curse the day
We are embarrassed by the way you carry on
Go back to war, go back to where you belong

Didn't they know; that war changes everything?
My hear had darkened, it no longer wanted to sing
The war was TV and they could turn it off at night
For me it is still here in my heart, where there is no light

Only an old soldier can understand how it will always be
Within our souls, in our sub-conscious, deep inside
The fear, the sounds the smell, the terror of lost humanity
Many come home; broken in spirit, wishing they had died

By GaelicRogue

© 2018 GaelicRogue (All rights reserved)


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