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Oh My Delilah

She was a woman some called her a lady of the night
bringing joy to all and a great delight
her fancy was to please all men with her love
not really an angel but from above
sweet and tender was her stare


a man to take her if they so dare
come to me she would whisper so low
pleasure is all I know
meet her at the end of the day and ponder
what will come your way
beautiful so quiet yet shy Delilah for her a man would die
sweet woman dancing on and on


till the dusk touches the sky at the break of dawn
a wonder more than the eye can see
Oh Delilah come oh come to me
men long for her this mysterious one
knowing this their hearts racing wild

Delilah a true woman not a child
give her your heart and soul
in her hands she has complete control
Oh Delilah a treasure for all
as every man into her heart will fall


By Floreann Cawley

© 2008 Floreann Cawley (All rights reserved)


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