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Through the years past
So many challenges come and gone
Time seeming to travel ever so fast
Sometimes forgetting to enjoy the sun

Struggling to do always my best
Overcoming health issues at birth
Life taken seriously and not in jest
Always portraying my true worth

Thinking I had fate wrapped in a bow
Slowing my pace ever so slightly
Who was I to know
Holding on to my dreams not quite as tightly

The words seemed sharp as a knife
Now my days would be filled with aches and pains
I would need to adjust the things in my life
My movements would be with smaller gains

Determined not to let this stop me
My heart telling me I shall overcome
Waking each day no matter what the pain may be
I will face it with hope not keeping me home

Taking life one step at a time
Enjoying each bright new day
Never becoming as bitter as the lime
Informing my aches I have something to say

I can not let this pain overtake me
Giving into it would be my demise
For I will show no pain for any to see
My future is not where any pity lyes

By Viking Butterfly

© 2008 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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