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Borrowed Moments

Nothing lasts forever,
Every moment that passes by
Will never pass us by again
I want to keep the stillness of my heart,
I want to stop it from beating fast.
Our time is running out,
‘Goodbye’ is dawning at me now
I hate to go, but I have to.
Ours are just borrowed moments
of togetherness and bliss;
Time is beyond our control
I cannot stay longer as I should,
For ours, is just a borrowed time.
Please don’t call my name
As I take my steps away from you,
I might not be able to lift my feet
for just another step closer to where I should go…
Please do not whisper “I Love You”
For I might come running back to you.
Ours are just borrowed moments,
We belong to someone
we have committed our lives with.
‘Though we believe in our love,
We know that the odds are against our way
Maybe we just have to keep that love
In the depth of our souls,
Unmoved, let it grow with time
And let that love shine in our hearts forever;
In its own way, naturally, so no one gets hurt
Nobody knows the feeling, except -- You & Me .

6/17/2008/ DHQ
11:41 a.m. (Tuesday)

By silentheart

© 2008 silentheart (All rights reserved)


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