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The Dark
The Dark

Total blackness,
This place where light no longer treads!
The sounds remain,
Disembodied noises that come from here
Or perhaps there.
With determined focus
Some direction is ascertained.
This strange abyss replaced the world.
Boundaries once easy to discern,
Limits in space so easy to grasp and define!
Replaced with an infinite empty blackness.
Touch too remains,
Fingers now seeing a colorless world,
Textures and temperatures speaking now
In their own special silence
As the mind draws new images.
Struggle to hold on to memories
Of the colored world.
Knowing that in time their vibrant hues
Shall fade to lifeless grays.
Worse still, like aging photographs,
The visions of those closest to the heart
Drift into the imageless emptiness.
As bit by bit a lifetime of memory is stolen
Replaced one by one with formless shapes.
This is the dark.

copyright 11 10 2008

By Richard Huggins

© 2009 Richard Huggins (All rights reserved)


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