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Heart Full Of Embers
Glancing through old photographs
Memories embedded in my heart
Some bringing a burst of laughs

Days drifted away to the past
Yet cherished to these present
Left in my mind to forever last

A glance as I walk past a mirror
The image in my mind playing tricks
Was it just a glance that brought a tear

Years passing like a whirl wind
All filled with smiles and tears
Loved ones lost and new ones to find

These faded images shall stay with me
Like smoke blowing with the wind
Blowing freely in my thoughts forever to be

Faded images from the university of life
So many ties full of lessons learned
Bound together like husband and wife

Burning deep into my thoughts
Embers growing when called upon
Filling my heart with it's warmth of lessons taught

By Viking Butterfly

© 2008 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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