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My garden of dreams
Beneath moonbeams and dewdrops
on the edge of reason and solece
in my garden of broken hearts
and shattered dreams
love speaks gently to me

Amog the apple blossoms
and honeysuckle blooms
There lingers a shred of hope
that my strength will conquer
and break the chains of lonliness
to free me to love again

And love's gentle breath whispered
softly between our hearts
of love's reawakening
that this sad soul will feel joy

*And then, there was you*

With your eyes of wisdom
and your smile of tenderness
you came into my life
and brought your strength

Love speaks gently beneath splendor
of roses and a touch that's tender
to reveal that to find a soul
to compliment that of my own
has come true in the form of you

And from this dark well of despair
I was lifted with love's gentle touch
And dawn's light shines in our hearts
Because love called, and we answered
**For the Best love poem challenge--'Love speaks gently'**

By EmpressPoetess

© 2008 EmpressPoetess (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Best Love Poem - Love speaks gently (challenge has been closed)

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