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I ain't good enough

sometimes love speaks gently .. and so quietly .. you almost don't hear it ..

it's like the last words spoken by some one .. just before they die ..
that's when you know .. you have to forget about everything else and listen ..

listen real hard to what's being said ...
listen real hard to that voice that's telling you ...

sometimes a great sacrifice has to be made ...

and you know the voice is right .. and that sometime is now ..
and you are the one who now .. has to make that sacrifice ..

so what if it hurts .. you can take it .. you're a bad ass .. right?
after all .. didn't she make sacrifices for you .. to be with you?
and .. everybody said it would never last were from different worlds ..
and .. nobody thinks much of you anyway .. nobody but her ...
so what if she thinks the world of you? ..
so what if she gets hurt too .. she'll get over it .. you know it's the right thing to do.

you start to pack what little you have .. your stuff ..
not all the things she brought for you .. hell .. you won't need them anyway ..
not where you're going .. back across the tracks ..
back to where you came from .. back to where you belong ..

back across the tracks and back to a place ..
where you break your back .. but never your word ..
where you work all day .. to drink all night ..
where you never have to worry about ..
breaking the heart of the woman you're with ..
because every woman you're with is just a one night stand.

you finish throwing your junk into a sack thinking ..
that didn't take long at all ... and you realize
she's been standing in the doorway of the bedroom watching ..
she came home early .. and ruined your plans to leave a note..
and when she asks what's going on .. you have to tell her ..
and tell her face to face .. but tell her what?

you decide to make it fast ..
tell her in a way that will hurt the less ..
grab your stuff .. and walk out quick ..
hoping she'll be too much in shock to try and stop you

you say .. look baby .. about this .. well ..
it's just .. just ...
and then .. you see the tears start to well in her eyes ..
and you know you have to hurry .. or you'll never get it done ..
so you grab your junk and continue on with your lies ..

shh .. please baby .. shh .. don't cry ..
it's just that I can see now .. they all were right ..
it's never going to work .. it's not you .. it's me ..
you couldn't be more wonderful .. really ..
I just can't live this way .. it's not me .. I'm use to ..I don't know ..
I guess .. you just can't get the wrong side of the tracks ..
out of your blood.

then with my sack of junk under my arm ..
I start walking before she can say a word ..
and promise myself not to stop ..
not to stop before I reach the sidewalk ..

but half way crossed the room .. I do ..

and as I peered over my shoulder for one last look ..
one last look at her angelic face ..
all I could see were ..
tears streaming down her cheeks...
streaming down her cheeks to fall from her quivering lip ..
as she stood and gazering lip ..
as she stood and gaze