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Dance With Me
Love speaks gently to my heart.
Wrapped in your arms we'll never be apart.
Feelings run through me like waves of bliss.
Dance with me as your lips I softly kiss.
Hold me near and never let me go.
Tumble and sway; entwine with my soul.
Desires stir within like a volcanic rush.
My cheeks are red as I blush.
Caress me in your arms tight.
Romance me and fill me with delight.
Whisper soft words in my ear.
Play with my hair and take away my fear.
Playful laughter and tumbling around.
Tear down my wall and love is found.
Shake and rock me until I give in.
Fill me with emotions within.
Seek me for I am yours and you are mine.
Leave your fingerprints on my heart,
Left there for me to find.
As this love grows I know we'll never part.
Love speaks gently to my soul.
Wrapping my devotion and letting love take control.

November 20, 2008

Written for the Best Love Poem 'Love Speaks Gently' challenge.
Moderated by Kajuncutie

By Amara13

© 2008 Amara13 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Best Love Poem - Love speaks gently (challenge has been closed)

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