An Escape To Love's Wonderment!
The night is falling around us and we are alone at last~
We close the shutters of evening, and the long day is past...
We sip from crystal flutes wine so red and heady,
And to escape to love's wonderment, we are truly ready!
We sit together and whisper sweet things in each other's ear~
Things so tender and so romantic, it makes us blush to hear...
You bought beautiful red roses to me today, in a lovely crystal vase,
And they watch us expectantly as if to say, it's all too good to waste!
I am all decked out in satin, and it's luster issues you a call~
And your eyes tell me certainly that you love it all...
I am wearing the special diamond bracelet you gave me as a token of your love,
And soon we are in each other's arms, reaching out for heaven above!
Love speaks gently to both of us, and we are in a rapture all our own~
One that always is so special, like none other could have ever known...
Magical kisses from soft lips, whispering special loving words,
Lost in a world meant for only two, alone in our own enchanted world!
We have never tired of our gently spoken love~
It has been with us as we went our happy way...
A love so very caring of each other's feelings and heart,
We cling to the sacred vow we made on a special day to never, ever part!

Written by Miskitti for a challenge by Kajuncutie called Best Love poem, Love Speaks Gently.

By Miskitti

© 2008 Miskitti (All rights reserved)


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