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Young and confidant
Courageous and bold,
That's what we are
Until we got old.

Then slips the mask
Courage turns to fears,
The blood pressure rises
The pain turns to tears.

Not so bold and brave now
The slightest knock on the door,
And you think somebody's
Started another war.

But it's only the kids
Playing about in the road,
But they've put your brain
And your ticker on overload.

You can handle the situation
You'll go out and clip their ear,
Sorry my friend let me tell you
Their knives and guns are sincere.

I'm not frightened of them louts
Nor they of you my friend,
You best mind your own business
Cause let me tell you, it will be your end.

It's a bitter world from the one you knew
When you could walk down the street,
Without a sign of violence appearing
Now you can't run because of arthritic feet.

You may still have the heart of a lion
You may have medals galore,
And it's your damn right to protect yourself
But sixty years have passed since the war.

To them war is just part of a historical novel
The only war they know is on a screen,
drugs guns beer and violence..
and putting fear into decent people is their scene.

They don't want to hear about grandad
who gave his life so they could be free,
So, grandad and dad fought in the war
What the bloody hell has that got to do with me.

By listener

© 2008 listener (All rights reserved)


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