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Don't give me a headache woman
Don't give me any pain,
I'm sitting here so peaceful
And your startin up your mouth again.

Go get yourself a drink of water
And rinse it round your throat,
You sounds like nothin I ever heard before
Except for an old Billy goat.

Tell me Tony, you comfortable in that chair?
Cause next time you calls me a Billy goat,
You're gonna go flying through the air.

Now don't you be so sassy woman
You got no need to complain,
I works me butt of everyday
Then when I come home you drive me insane.

Cackle, cackle, cackle, that's all you do
I can't write me poetry because of you,
It's worse than the television blaring out
I just want some peace you silly old moo.

I'm a cow now am I? That's better than a goat!
I baked a nice steak and kidney pie for your dinner,
But now I am going to eat it all to myself
You can call me what you like because I'll be the winner.

Tony flew into a rage and grabbed old Billy goat
And said, shove your dinner where the sun don't shine,
Cackling, cackling, cackling, all the damned time
I've heard enough of your constant wine ,wine, wine.

She said, I've cooked and I've cleaned, that's hard
Be gone with you he said, after all we're not wed,
With that, old Billy goat tipped the pie over his head
And now Tony has to cook before he can write, his poetry instead.

By listener

© 2008 listener (All rights reserved)


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