Definition Of A Ride Or Die Chick
A real ride or die chick will still get stressed and talk mad shyt but at the end of the day her strength and dignity never falter. She knows how to balance the bullshyt in her life with handling the bullshyt in her man’s life. She puts her dude first because he is in a worse situation. He has 1000’s of nukkas around him he has to eyeball 24/7, pigs he has to deal with bullshyt from, and the overall stress of being locked in a concrete jungle. She understands and respects this when she gets letters from him ramming for 5 pages. A ride or die chick sheds the tears her man can’t while he’s locked. She feels the pain he feels. She hates the people who hurt him. She hits the streets in vengeance and moves their pawns where she needs them so that she can remain close as possible to her King. She dedicates herself to writing him every day just so he never forgets he’s in her heart and on her mind. She sends her last to make sure he eats and if he needs something, she does everything but sell her ass or self-respect to provide. She doesn’t bother him with all her stresses due to being without or dealing with shyt she wouldn’t normally deal with because he isn’t there to help provide and protect her. She remembers his love and how he rode for her before he got his new address and uses this time to show her appreciation for that. She doesn’t judge her man because he left her behind in the streets to fend for herself. Instead she works extra hard, focusing on bettering herself and her dude so that he can come home to her. She keeps pictures around her constantly to give her strength when life makes her want to give up. She thinks of him when she gets tired. She remains faithful at all times. She realizes that no man could ever match his caliber and regardless of the lonely nights, no man will ever fill in for him. Her smile is brought on by the mere mention of his name. His voice on the other end of the phone makes her heart beat crazily. She wakes up in the morning and offers her humbles to Allah thanking Him for her perfect husband that He has provided. She takes her first breath in dedication to her man. Her dreams are filled with him and their future together. She rides even when things aren’t great. When the yellow sheets hit the box and are filled with angry words, she rams to herself and then responds back with loving and respectable words. She defends herself but keeps the love and respect while doing it. A ride or die chick laughs at the haters and keeps them close to her. She absorbs everything and always keeps her man four moves ahead. She thinks when he doesn’t know. She watches when he’s unable to see. She listens when he can’t hear. She’s his lil soldier and rides for him. She takes control when need be and runs the hammer into the street. She takes the garbage out and deals diligently with the travel agent. She’s always on point. A ride or die chick’s man never has a complaint because he knows his wife is a rider. He knows she’s breathing for him and respects her for her strength and dedication. He dreams of the day when they will be together again. She dreams of the day when the nonsense will be over. She waits patiently for the moment when she will be able to wake up and look into his gorgeous brown eyes and feel his strong arms holding her like he will never let her go. She sees him bent over with his head down and lowers herself to her knees so he is never beneath her. She lifts his face up by his chin and kisses his nose and smiles. He feels her unconditional and undying love and instantly feels better. He feels grateful for such a beautiful and strong woman. He really understands at this point why he chose to make her his wife. All the pain and confusion is gone. He once felt he had brought about pain and stress on a woman who did not deserve it but now realizes he was chosen for her and his purpose was hers as well. He made this woman stronger. He looks into her big, beautiful, bright blue eyes and feels his heart race. He is so in love with her. All the situations they went through. All the arguing and pain. All the haters she fought with him. All the sacrifices she made, she made for him and for their future together. She complained, she rammed but she stayed standing. She remained by his side riding. She loves her husband and would live, die, and kill for him. She will throw punches until they finally knock the system out. She will remove all the trash before he returns home and whatever is left, she will hop in the whip and rock out next to her dude when retribution comes due. They are in this life together. Til death to them part. Until eternity repeats itself. No one or nothing can break their bond or affect their love. Their bond exceeds Bonnie and Clyde. They are Lee and Shi. Umar and Asiya. Two Hearts, One Soul. Two Faces, One Tear. You and me FOREVER.

By Shi

© 2008 Shi (All rights reserved)


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