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another fold
within the folds
upon my face -
the wrinkles 'round my eyes -
are laughter
from a thousand joys, and
smiles no sorrow
can replace
and acres - of

these lines that deepen
as both time
and memories engrave
and circumstance upon
the fabric
of my countenance
that i might shine!

evidence a something deeper,
somewhere further in,
where soul
and heart of me
hold everyone
i've known
and loved
in various degrees
within the folds
of endlessness
that only spirit kens
and grace.

enfolded thus
i hold them
just enough to
set them free
the way
that night
embraces every star
no matter where
they sojourn
regardless of how far
they wend
through endless
time and space.

another fold awaits me too.
the day that destiny
unwinds that
ultimate event
and i return whence
i began
my angels wings
and rise above
these realms
that i so loved
to greet
another world.

By moon spirit

© 2009 moon spirit (All rights reserved)


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