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Spiders from the Stars
Ground Control to Lady Tom
Ground control to Lady Tom
We are just sitting here waiting for your call
But the radios dead dont hear nothing but the wall
So many times we tried to talk
But all we did was out of space and walk
Now I'm contemplating what went wrong

You just transmit Lady Tom
Sonic sounds become the norm
Racing up in Nebula nine
Picnic on Mars and doin fine
No more sandwiches and brewing tea at all
Baskets empty and my minds about to fall
Darkness comes with such chill
So fed up now had my fill

Ground control to Lady Tom
Ground control to Lady Tom
Standing by retro's reenter into planet home
Everyones gone now all alone
You Falling Falling down
Silver ship comes tumbling down
thats the story and thats how its gonna be
Lady Toms alone here just like me
Just like me
Like me

By Antipodi

© 2009 Antipodi (All rights reserved)


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